2 IN ONE: JEPPESEN FAR/AIM and POH TABS, 56-Piece Durable, Plastic TABS (Not Including Books) Plus Complimentary Gift (POH TABS + Red Dotted Stickers) (Copy)


The main purpose of this FAR AIM and POH TABs are to bookmark/highlight the pertinent sections of FAR/AIM, specifically for those who want to study FAR/AIM to pass the FAA Knowledge, Oral and Practical Tests.


★★ With this purchase, You will get a one-page plastic TABS (including POH TABs), a one-page template, and Red Dotted Stickers. (not including FAR AIM and POH) Book)This template is compatible with JEPPESEN FAR AIM.

★★ These products were designed for aviators & student pilots who are working towards achieving their license or rating while getting ready for a check-ride. Most of the flight instructors (CFIs) will remind you that a tabbed FAR/AIM will be great on check-ride day to the Examiner.

★★ The content of the tabs covers Student Pilot, Private, Instrument, Commercial Pilot, Part 61, 91, 141, 135 Operations, etc. Tabs/Page Flags are made of adhesive Plastic, multi-colored.

How to place all tabs as easily as possible.

You will get a one-page adhesive TABS and a one-page template and complimentary gifts. This template is compatible with JEPPESEN FAR AIM.

First of all, Check the template out and Horizontal Tabs should be placed according to the page numbers from 1 to 16, including 2 echelons. Labels may overlap each other (texts on the tab should be read and overlapping tabs shouldn’t prevent being read.) After completing all Horizontal TABS, Start placing Horizontal labels from 1 to 31. That s ALL & Ready to study.
For example Find H1 and Page 1277, H2 Page 1249, H3 Page 1103, H4 Page 701, H5 Page 599, …….. V16 Page Page 1, After completing Horizontal (Upper Side), Start placing vertical (side) tabs, look for and find the V1 through V31 (Just a reminder, Pls check the product pictures out to make sure if the placement is OK.)

POH TABs will be placed according to the sections stated in the contents of the POH.

Important Notice: Please remove the tabs gently without tearing them. Check the H & V Numbers carefully and determine the exact place (DOUBLE CHECK! 😂😂😂) to place as it’s difficult to remove the TABs after placing.

Why is Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) so important for aviators and student pilots?
It’s absolutely essential for Student pilots in accordance with VFR Navigation, W&B, takeoff distance roll, system descriptions and Preparation for oral-written and practical exams.
8-piece POH TABs will help you increase your knowledge and shorten both ground and flight training. (The more familiarization with subject matters in the POH, the less money and energy you will spend during your theory & practical training- Power of knowledge)

You`re supposed to own a POH developed by the airplane manufacturer and study all sections stated in the POH TABs. (For the success of Oral/Practical Exam)

Note: If you need any POH (Pilot Operating Handbook), Pls Click the link below `Aviation Books`

★★ It is easy to pass PPL/IR/CPL Check ride as long as you study all the parts that will be tabbed. The page flags (48-piece, 16 Horizontal, 32 Vertical) are so good size that all could cover all pilot training stages including Private, Instrument, and Commercial Pilot.


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