3-Piece Strong, Colorful Plastic Index TABs, PAGE Labels, Just Post It.


✔ 3-Piece Strong, Colorful Plastic Index TABs.
✔ Strong, Glossy, UNTEARABLE & UNBREAKABLE Colorful Plastic Index Tabs. Just Post It.


Strong Glossy UNTEARABLE&UNBREAKABLE Colorful Plastic Index Tabs Post It

This purchase includes a 3-Page Set, including a total of 168 Plastic Adhesive TABs, Page Labels.

It is crucial to keep your papers, textbooks, documents neat and organized. Get your project or business plan together fast with these Index Dividers. They are pre-printed and are designed for quick, easy organization. These tab dividers are suitable for both personal and professional applications. Finally, use these handy, colorful TABs,

-23 x 23 mm. (0.9 x 0.9 In)

-56-Piece TAB/LABEL Set on a page.

-Authentic, very easy to use.

-Resistant to tear, unbreakable because of its plastic composition.

-Strong adhesive.

-Colorful Design

 Can be used as plastic index dividers, index tabs, dividers alphabetical, index dividers, index maker, catholic bible tabs, sticky index tabs, page flags, index cards, index tab dividers.


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