2024 Far/Aim and POH Tabs (All In One), Compatible with Asa and Gleim, Plus Student Pilot Poster and Colorful Stickers.

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The main purpose of this Tabbed FAR AIM and POH TABs is to bookmark/highlight the pertinent sections of FAR/AIM & POH, specifically for those who want to study FAR/AIM  & POH to pass the FAA Knowledge, Oral and Practical Tests.   FAR AIM & POH TABs are essential for beginners. A no-go item no pilot should be without.
 Most of the flight instructors will tell & and ask the student pilots that tabbed FAR/AIM & POH Books look great on the check-ride day to the Examiner. FTS presents the Plastic TABS including all pertinent sections of the Book, ALL IN ONE Set with POH TABs.
✔ Private/Instrument/Commercial Pilots must become familiar with the continuously changing regulations and procedures. This 56-piece  set covers the requirements of Private/Instrument/Commercial Airman Certification Standards and subject titles for the theoretical knowledge of flight training asked by the examiner and CFI.
✔ Complimentary Gifts…



This purchase doesn’t include FAR AIM & POH Book.

2024 Far/Aim and Poh Tabs (All In One), Compatible with Asa and Gleim, Plus Private Pilot Study Guide Poster and Colorful Stickers
👉 2024 FAR/AIM and POH TABS (ALL IN ONE), Compatible with ASA and GLEIM Books, (Not Including Books) Plus Complimentary Gift (Colorful Dotted Stickers+ Private Pilot Study Guide Poster).  With this purchase, you will get a one-page adhesive TABS and a one-page template (2-sided. One side refers to ASA FAR AIM Template, while the other side is for GLEIM FAR AIM Book), Colorful Round Stickers+ Private Pilot Visualised Maneuvers Poster. This purchase doesn’t include FAR AIM & POH Book.
👉 You may purchase either the ASA or GLEIM FAR AIM Book, This set is compatible with both of them. Enjoy the complimentary gifts with this purchase! 👉 This one-page template is compatible with both GLEIM and ASAFAR AIM. 👉 TABs are purely intended to assist the student pilots in getting to know the FAR AIM Regulations and contents of the book. Tabs (TOTAL 56-piece SET, 32 Vertical, 16 Horizontal, 8-piece for POH) are big enough (as seen in the listing, easy to read), additionally, they cover all pilot training stages including Private, Instrument, and Commercial Pilot. 👉 TABs are made of adhesive plastic for long-term durability, 👉 How to place all tabs. You will have a template along with the TABS. First of all, Read carefully all the instructions on the paper. 👉 Horizontal Tabs (UPPER Side) should be placed according to the page numbers from H1 to H16, including 2 echelons. (Check Template) Pls, follow the instructions on the template. 👉 TABs may overlap each other (Just pay attention that the texts on the tab should be read easily. The TABs overlapping each other shouldn’t prevent the tabs from being read..) 👉 After completing all Horizontal TABS, Start placing vertical TABs from 1 to 31. 👉 That’s ALL DONE & Ready to study. 👉 Just a kind reminder: Please Determine the exact place of the TAB which is shown on the template as it’s difficult to remove the TABs after placing (very strong adhesive). DONE! After 20-30 minutes of work to replace all TABs, the FAA FAR/AIM TABBED Book will make you more confident to better understand aviation regulations. 👉 Flight Training Shop (FTS) endeavors for safety, situational awareness, professionalism, and excellence.
✔Horizontal Tabs (Main Titles-16 Pieces) / Vertical Tabs (Subtitles- 32 Pieces)/POH Tabs (8 Pieces) will help you reach the pertinent information in quickly finding topics in the FAR-AIM.
The Pre- tabbed FAR/AIM book would be great on check-ride day to the Examiner. (Dedicated Work)
This handy set (bundle) will be a unique source to start up and accomplish the ALL pilot training stages. FROM ZERO TO HERO.
✔ Complimentary Gift Comes with this purchase. Private Pilot Study Guide Poster (2-sided) has a lot of significant information,  This handy poster will help you improve your visualized memory in both ground and flight training.  (89 Subject Matters are explained on a basis need-to-know. Additionally, 31- Pieces of Crucial Visualized Memory Items to know are added to the poster.)
✔ 6mm-round Multi-color Dot Sticker (Circle Sticky Self-Adhesive Label) will make the important titles apparent and help find the points that will be studied.

★★ Flight Training Shop (FTS) endeavors for safety, situational awareness, professionalism, and excellence in each of our products and services.

3 reviews for 2024 Far/Aim and POH Tabs (All In One), Compatible with Asa and Gleim, Plus Student Pilot Poster and Colorful Stickers.

  1. John

    Just perfect. Highly recomended

  2. John

    Just perfect. Highly recommended. made studies even easier.

  3. Zach F.

    Great Time Saver & ready to study
    I ordered these useful TABs, absolutely very useful for those who will make preparation for the Students during the training period and exams with DPE. Very easy to reach out to all the pertinent info of the FAR AIM. I strictly advise all trainees and aviation enthusiasts to these TABs, which will gain you self-confidence & knowledge. This is the best course of action to better understand the ins and outs and a good way of studying for the 1200-page book. My Instructor was very happy once he saw the pre-tabbed FAR AIM Book and he told me that a tabbed FAR/AIM would be great on a check-ride day to the Examiner.

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