ALL IN ONE: VFR & IFR Pilot Aluminum Kneeboard (Full Set)


ALL IN ONE: VFR & IFR Pilot Aluminum Kneeboard for Student Pilots


👉This purchase includes a VFR&IFR Aluminum Pilot Kneeboard, Elastic strap with hook and loop closure, 2-Pen Holders, and metal round for magnetic pilot gears.

These durable, multi-purpose aluminum kneeboards have become a standard product for most pilots. Simple durable design will withstand years of abuse during your pilot lifetime.

👉 This simple, durable kneeboard provides an easy-to-use platform for your leg. Constructed with a thick, aluminum plate with a single bend to increase strength, this classic design has been around longer than the Citabria 7-GCBC. A single, metal clip having a pen holder with protective plastic corners holds checklists, charts, notes, or even a tablet.

👉Two strips of foam backing help to provide stability when mounting to your leg. An adjustable, flexible elastic strap provides just the right amount of tension.

• Extra-thick aluminum board with foam backing
• Elastic strap with hook and loop closure
• Includes a VFR/IFR placard
• Measures 6” x 9” and weighs less than 9 ounces.
• Includes metal round on the upper-right corner to keep your flashlight with magnets.

👉 Placard includes light gun signals, IFR Procedure Turn, ICAO alphabet, flight plan sequence, mandatory reporting points, transponder codes, cruising altitudes, and more.

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