Cessna 150 Model Private Pilot Flight Training Set: Plus Complimentary Gifts.

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✔ Perfect Bundle for introductory students with all the necessary information and books.
✔ 2-Set of Posters will help you improve your visualized memory in both ground and flight training. Visualization and action are intimately connected, involving the motor cortex.
Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) is essential for Student Pilots in terms of preparing Weight & Balance, Navigation Plan, VFR or IFR NAV LOG, Takeoff and Landing Distance, etc., All the books are intended to help all student pilots improve the Flight Training Theoretical Knowledge, Performance & Navigation Planning for educational purposes.
This handy Quick Reference Checklist (QRC) that should be used for the FLOW of items has been accomplished with the dedicated participation of a group of CFIs. This Extended QRC helps student pilots to make sure they didn’t skip an important item.
✔ It is easy to pass the Check ride (Practical & Oral Part) as long as you study pertinent parts of this handy bundle.


Cessna 150 Model Airplane Flight Training Bundle comes with:
-Cessna 150 Pilot Operating Handbook-POH (Total 148 Pages)
– Cessna 150 Extended Quick Reference Checklist (QRC), including Basic VFR Maneuvers in accordance with POH.
– ALL IN ONE. Private Pilot Handbook- Comprehensive Guide for Maneuvers-Oral Preparation.
– FAA Private Pilot Training Study Guide. (Poster, Size 27 x 19 In)
– FAA Private Pilot Visualized Flight Training Maneuvers (Cessna 150)  (Poster, Size 27 x 19 In)
– Complimentary Gifts (Solo & Private Pilot Accomplishments-Certificates)

★★ Perfect Start-Up Bundle for introductory students with all the necessary information and books.
Private Pilot Initial Training requires studying, understanding, and memorizing and so many aviation terms ranging from Airplane Parts, Instrument, Airman Certification Standards (ACS), Traffic Patterns, and Aviation Phraseology in contact with Air Traffic Control Units to VFR Navigation, Weather Theory, and Basic Aerodynamic Principles. This bundle will be a unique source to start up your aviation training and cover the aforementioned principles and information.
★★ Pilot`s Operating Book (Aircraft Owner`s Manual):
Pilots following the flight stages need to undergo both ground and flight training to become a pilot. This Pilot Operating Handbook will help you increase your knowledge and shorten both ground and flight training. (The more familiarization with subject matters in the POH ( consisting of 8 Sections), the less energy & money You will spend during your theory & practical training)

It’s absolutely essential for Student pilots in accordance with VFR Navigation, W&B, takeoff distance roll, system descriptions, and Preparation for oral-written and practical exams. This Handy Handbook will provide all the information you need in regards to the procedural aspects of operating the aircraft, its weight and balance, performance calculations, and other pertinent information about the airplane.

★★ ALL IN ONE. Private Pilot Handbook; (A5 Size, 210 Pages, Colorful Design) This book will be a unique source to start up and accomplish your private pilot training. FROM ZERO TO HERO. If you are a beginner in Aviation or Pilot Training, You’re supposed to be familiar with all Private Pilot Training needs from A to Z. This handy book will help you meet and be familiar with all your pertinent knowledge and needs.

Private Pilot Handbook covers a range of subject matters associated with:
✔ Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards (ACS),
✔ Flight Training Maneuvers, (43 Figures, colorful design)
✔ Oral/Written/Practical Exam Guide,
✔ VFR Communication Practices, ATC,
✔ Comprehensive Private Pilot Glossary.

★★ Cessna 150 Extended Quick Reference Checklist (Durable Laminate, 11.5 x8.5 In)
The Cessna 150 Extended Universal Extended Quick Reference Checklist (QRC) is fairly complete and accurate for student pilots (new beginners) with procedures that seem to match what you will find in the POH and what most flight instructors would tell you. there’s a lot of information explained in detail. On one hand, it’s nice that everything fits on a single two-sided card, but on the other hand, it is easy to read.

Here are the main contents of the Cessna 150 QRC.
👉 Vital Checks explained in the same line.
👉 Pax. Briefing (CRM for SAFETY)
👉 Takeoff Briefing
👉 Abnormal Procedures (15)
👉 Maneuvers Checklist (7)
👉 Forced Landing Procedures
👉 V- Velocity Speeds
👉 TAF/METAR Abbreviations
👉 ATC Light Gun Signals

The main purpose of this extended quick reference checklist is to improve flight safety by ensuring that no important tasks are forgotten.

★★ 2-PIECE FAA PRIVATE PILOT VISUALIZED FLIGHT TRAINING Posters. Easy to fold to A5 size and keep in your flight bag. (Poster, Size 27 x 19 In)
Visualizing the images is a learning style for beginners in Aviation.

Poster 1: FAA Private Pilot Training Study Guide.

✔ Here are the most important contents of the poster:
– Start-up Procedures and Requirements for Private Pilot Flight Training.
– Airplane Components and Axes (Primary Flight Controls)
– FAA Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards (ACS)
– ATC Light Gun Signals
– METAR/TAF Abbreviations and Acronyms
– Flight Instruments, Way of Operation & Limitations.
– Center of Gravity Theory (Weight & Balance)
– Aerodynamic Forces in Flight, Bernoulli`s Principle: Airfoil, Lift, Pressure, Velocity Relation
– Use of Airspace and Limitations
– Airspace Weather Minimums
– Traffic Pattern Procedures
– Lost Procedures
– VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator and Indications.
– Wind Correction During Taxi, Aileron and Elevator Deflection
– Normal, Slipping and Skidding Turns in Rudder Placements.

Poster 2: FAA Private Pilot Visualized Flight Training Maneuvers.
✔ Here are the most important contents of the poster:

– Slow Flight
– Steep Turns
– Power Off Stall (Landing Stall)
– Power On Stall (Landing Stall)
– Accelerated Stall
– Turn Around a Point
– Rectangular Course
– Go Around Procedures (Rejected Landing)
– S-Turns
– Simulated Engine Out (Engine Failure) Procedures in Flight
– Crosswind Takeoff
– Crosswind Landing

Note: Visualized Posters have 3 MIL (. 003″) thickness laminate, which provides adequate protection yet is still thin and flexible enough to allow the printed piece to be folded. It can be easily folded to A5 size.

★★ It is easy to pass the Private Pilot Check ride as long as you own this handy bundle and visualize & study all the pertinent parts of the posters and books.

★★ Complimentary Solo and Private Pilot Accomplishment Certificates. Both certificates are truly worthy of your flying accomplishment. The certificates cover all aspects of flight such as day of accomplishment, METAR of the day, CFI-DPE-Chief Instructor, Type of Airplane (model and, comments of your friends in the flight training.

★★ Flight Training Shop (FTS) endeavors for safety, situational awareness, professionalism, and excellence in each of our products and services.






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