The information is intended to be found quickly when needed.


Cessna 172 Quick Reference Checklist (Carburetor & Injection)

Just a kindly reminder to make your flight training effective and affordable. `Student pilots can read the checklist repeatedly to reinforce the routines that their flight instructors are trying to teach them. Arriving prepared is the best way to obtain maximum benefit from expensive flight instruction.`

If you are a beginner in Aviation or Pilot Training, you’re supposed to be familiar with all information about the airplane from A to Z. This handy QRC will help you meet and be familiar with all your pertinent knowledge and needs.

This handy QRC that should be used for the FLOW of items has been accomplished with the dedicated participation of a group CFIs. However, This Extended QRC helps student pilots to make sure they didn’t skip an important item.

This Extended QRC has been designed for aviators & student pilots who are working towards achieving their Private-Instrument-Commercial Pilot ratings while getting ready for a check-ride. Most of the flight instructors (CFIs) will remind you that being sufficient and knowledgeable in every part of the pilot training stages will be great on check-ride day to the Examiner.

The Cessna 172 Universal Extended Quick Reference Checklist (QRC) is fairly complete and accurate for student pilots (beginners) with procedures that seem to match what you will find in the POH and what most flight instructors would tell you. there’s a lot of information explained in detail. On one hand, it’s nice that everything fits on a single two-sided card, but on the other hand, it is easy to reach out the information which is intended to be found quickly when needed.  This QRC includes the procedures of both Carburetor and Injection models.

Here are some contents:

👉  Vital Checks and details of the check have been explained in the same line.
👉 Pax. The briefing (CRM for SAFETY)
👉 Takeoff Briefing
👉 Abnormal Procedures (15)
👉 Maneuvers Checklist (7)
👉 Forced Landing Procedures
👉 V- Velocity Speeds
👉 TAF/METAR Abbreviations

👉 ATC Light Signals

The main purpose of this extended quick reference checklist is to improve flight safety by ensuring that no important tasks are forgotten.

*** The Pilot In Command (PIC) Must Ensure The Aircraft Is Operated In Accordance With The Approved Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) At All Times.
*** The information is intended to be found quickly when needed.

👉 Flight Training Shop (FTS) endeavors for safety, situational awareness, professionalism, and excellence in each of our products and services in every line of Aviation Training.



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