Cessna 172 N Pilot Training Set (6 Pieces) : Private Pilot Handbook, Visualized Maneuvers Book, Pilot Logbook, C172 Checklist, Cessna 172 N Pilot Operating Handbook


✔ Perfect Bundle for introductory students with all the necessary information and books.
✔ Pilot`s Operating Handbook (POH) is absolutely essential for Student pilots in accordance with VFR Navigation, IGE and OGE Calculations, W&B, system descriptions, and Preparation for oral-written, practical exams.
Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) is essential for Student Pilots in terms of preparing Weight & Balance, Navigation Plan, VFR or IFR NAV LOG, Takeoff and Landing Distance, etc., All the books are intended to help all student pilots improve the Flight Training Theoretical Knowledge, Performance & Navigation Planning for educational purposes.
This handy Quick Reference Checklist (QRC) that should be used for the FLOW of items has been accomplished with the dedicated participation of a group of CFIs. This Extended QRC helps student pilots to make sure they didn’t skip an important item.
✔ It is easy to pass the Check ride (Practical & Oral Part) as long as you study pertinent parts of this handy bundle.


Flight Training Bundle includes Private Pilot Handbook, Private-Instrument-Commercial Visualized Flight Maneuvers and Professional Pilot Logbook, Cessna 172 Quick Reference Checklist Plus Free Pocket Handbook.

Number 1: ALL IN ONE. Private Pilot Handbook Comprehensive Guide for Maneuvers-Oral Prep-ATC Comm, VFR Navigation LOG, W&B Sheet, ATC Private Pilot Glossary and more .. 210 Pages, 70 Figures. Private Pilot Handbook covers a range of subject matters associated with: ✔ Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards (ACS), ✔ Maneuvers, (43 Figures, colorful design) ✔ Oral/Written/Practical Exam Guide, ✔ VFR Communication Practices, ATC, ✔ Comprehensive Private Pilot Glossary. Private Pilots must become familiar with continuously changing regulations and procedures. The Private Pilot Handbook is designed for: ★ Student pilots, ★ Ground instructors, ★ Flight instructors, and ★ Others with a special interest in aviation.

Number 2: Visualized Flight Training Maneuvers: Private, Instrument, and Commercial Pilot Maneuvers,141 Pages, Colorful Design, 65 Figures. – Compatible with Airman Certification Standards – Visualized Flight Training Maneuvers – VFR- IFR Basic Radio Communications Phraseology and Techniques – Colorful Reference Book for Pilots – IFR/VFR Quick Reference Checklist

Number3: FAA Standard Pilot Logbook.Compatible with 14 CFR 61.51 This logbook has 20 more log pages and 658 entries. (more entries than standard logbook, additional 20 more pages)

Number 4: Cessna 172 Extended Quick Reference Checklist for Pilots. Durable Laminate. 👉 Vital Checks have been explained in the same line. 👉 Pax. Briefing (CRM for SAFETY) 👉 Takeoff Briefing 👉 Abnormal Procedures (15) 👉 Maneuvers Checklist (7) 👉 Forced Landing Procedures 👉 V- Velocity Speeds 👉 TAF/METAR Abbreviations 👉 ATC Light Gun Signals Best LUCK in your flight training and aviation career. FTS (Flight Training Shop)

Number 5 : Pilot Operating Handbook (POH), Cessna 172N, 210 Pages, It provides VFR IFR Navigational Log Preparation, Weight and Balance (W&B), Take off and Landing Distance Roll, All essential information for your flight training.

★★ Flight Training Shop (FTS) endeavors for safety, situational awareness, professionalism, and excellence in each of our products and services.



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