This handy poster will help you improve your visualized memory in both ground and flight training during your Instrument Pilot Training.
✔ Visualized memory items & images make you more confident and help achieve your both practical and theory training ASAP.
✔ For beginners, the most difficult part is to learn the detail of all principle maneuvers and sequences of each maneuver, the effect of each maneuver and the corrective action to be taken thoroughly.
✔ The more visualized memory and familiarization with subject matters, the less money You will spend during your theory & practical training.

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This handy poster is an excellent study tool for students and instructors alike. This comprehensive guide presents the questions most likely to be asked by examiners, Instructor Pilots and provides succinct, ready responses. Keep this handy poster with you all the times when you’re gearing up for the Practical Exam, as well as for a general refresher. FAA references are provided throughout for further study.
The Instrument rating checkride involves an oral exam followed by the flight portion. The oral portion will take about two hours, and the flight about an hour and a half or so. The total time to schedule for this checkride is approximately 4 hours.
It is no secret that completing the instrument rating can be difficult; in some ways, it is even harder than completing the private pilot training. Instrument checkrides require much more extensive study, dedicated work, a full of commitment is required and the information can be more complex.
This handy Instrument Rating Oral Guide Poster has been designed for aviators & student pilots who are working towards achieving their Instrument Pilot Rating (IR) while getting ready for a check-ride. Most of the flight instructors (CFIs) will remind you that being sufficient in every detail of the Instrument pilot stage will be great on check-ride day to the Examiner.
Instrument Pilot Training requires studying, understanding and memorizing and so many aviation terms ranging from Procedure Turns, Instrument Approaches, Airman Certification Standards (ACS), Segment of Approach Patterns and Aviation Phraseology in contact with Air Traffic Control Units to IFR Navigation, VOR Orientation, Communication Failure.
👉 I would like to remind you again, that Pilot Training requires a full commitment, considerable interest, extraordinary struggle, and dedicated work. So, Visualized memory items & images make you more confident and help achieve your both practical and theory training ASAP.
👉 Flight Training Shop (FTS) endeavors for safety, situational awareness, professionalism, and excellence in each of our products and services in every line of Aviation Training.


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