Pilot & Aviation Mechanic (A&P) LED Head Lamp with 5 Modes


Pilot / Aviator / A&P LED HEAD LAMP with 5-Mode, Well-Known Brand, DURACELL


A valuable tool that every pilot and A&P should have!
This handy Head Lamp (5-mode:  white, red, blue, and emergency light modes, including long lasting 3-AAA Duracel Batteries ) is specially designed for aviators and A&P Technicians. All In One Pilot Led Head Lamp will meet all night flight training expectations including Night Flight Pre-flight Vital Checks, Cockpit Preparation, Engine Start-Up Procedures. As Human’s eyes are most sensitive to the Red range of light, Red Light is absolutely essential during the night flight. Red light is non-glaring, so it can help you see better at night. White light at night can leave you squinting and straining to see clearly.
So, Night flying can be truly spectacular. Being well-prepared for the aeronautical challenges that night flying poses will make the experience more rewarding, enjoyable, and safe, as long as you keep the right flight instruments and required tools in the cockpit.

Features: (easy on and off )

👉 575 Lumen Area Work Light (2-Mode: High, Low)

👉 200 Lumen Flashlight

👉 Emergency Red Flasher

👉 Cockpit Area Work Light (Night Flight)


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